Activities at St George

Riding Lessons

Learn To Ride a Horse

Come for regular lessons and in an effortless and enjoyable way you will become a proficient rider. You will gain confidence around horses and, what's more, you will not forget what you learn.

Riding is taught in a sequential way and in a very short time you will gain your balance and feel at ease on horseback. 

Trail Rides -

It is great to be out under the big New England sky enjoying the views, the breeze and forgetting about your normal daily schedule.

On the trail the horses are content to be together and appreciate a stop here and there for a graze on new grasses.

The kangaroos see us coming and hop along beside the trail. Occasionally there’s a wedge-tail eagle or two circling above.

You can choose a short trail for half an hour or a long trail for up to one and a half hours.

When you arrive you are given a horse to suit your riding experience and everything is checked in the arena before we set out. We make sure you are comfortable and all the gear is safe.

Please note: For the comfort and safety of the horse and rider, weight limits are in effect.

The maximum rider's weight for our biggest horses is 80kg.

Beginners are taken on the lead.

Please call us for bookings or further information

Ph: 0431123935

Email: [email protected]